Privacy Policy

 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

A. Definition

Raja IT is one of the digital shopping sites in Indonesia. That digital shopping process can be carried out by anyone who is registered as an Raja IT Member wherever they are.

Users of Raja IT shopping site can access their use via PC, Notebook/Laptop, or mobile gadgets such as tablets or smartphones. For its customers, Raja IT offers all their needs,

both Electronic and Non-Electronic. The price offer is quite attractive and competitive.

B. Ownership and Business

The system of Raja IT is built, managed, and belongs to PT Armindo Mandiri. This site is registered electronically, officially, and domain-based with the address To run its business, Raja IT website and mobile apps are promoted officially and continuously by the company through the company's social media which can be

seen by anyone, anytime andanywhere.

C. Website and mobile Apps of Raja IT

The official website of Raja IT can be accessed by anyone using a web browser, the Google Play Store for Android users, or the Apps Store for Apple users. Raja IT Website and

Mobile Apps are protected by Intellectual Property Right. So they are not limited to Copyrights and Trademarks whether registered or not. Legal action will be taken if in the

future it is found an abuse of the Raja IT website and mobile apps for interests that are detrimental to many parties including the company. The abuse referred to as for

example intrusion, modifying, damaging the Website or Mobile Apps of Raja IT and/or the server devices contained therein, without special permission from Raja IT


D. Raja IT Site Access

Raja IT site is open to the public. Anyone can access this site independently. However, to be able to make transactions in it, the user must of course register first, so that He /

She can be registered as an Raja IT Member. When user is registered as Raja IT Member, the system gives the user the freedom if they wish to be able to open a shop,

cooperate and do business with us. Raja IT site manager ensures that user data that has been registered in it is guaranteed safe and will not be misused for other negative

purposes. IT Development File | Last Update: 07 September 2022

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E. Data Management

In managing data, our system manages its operations as detailly below:

E.1. Personal Data Collection

- Personal data are collected from customers who have registered into Raja IT system, through the website or mobile application.

- On starting the registration process, Customer must fill in several important variables, such as name, telephone number, email, and password. That data are in order to be 

registered as a Registered Customer in our system.

- Personal information such as like shipping addresses and supporting information, are also recorded automatically, when the customer has started the shopping and

transaction process in our system.

- Other data such as like photos, reviews, and supporting videos which uploaded by Customers, conversation data between Sellers and Buyers, all of which is solely as

supporting data whose information we obtain in the process of shopping and customer transactions on our system.

- All data relation to the shopping and transaction process from start to finish, are all collected automatically in Raja IT system.

E.2. Personal Data Management

- The data which have been recorded in Raja IT system, are stored safely on our server.

- Our servers store and manage all user data, both registered and unregistered.

- User data which have been registered are guaranteed safely inside our servers.

- The data of all users in our system are used solely for the operational interests of Raja IT. Therefore, to make sure the confidentiality, we manage it with digital security


E.3. Personal Data Access

- The Raja IT application system, it technically has a historical record of all activities, carried out by application visitors, whether or not they are registered as customers.

- Each registered customer can use their account to access their own transaction history data. They can also undergo operational activities related to shopping and

payments from the starting to the ending.

- The company will use this collected access to personal data, solely for the purposes of the company's business analysis. Thus, the company will continue to maintain its

security. So based on that statement, in the future there will be no misuse of this important data.

F. Partnership and Third Parties

Raja IT Operation Team manages the system independently. We do not involve other parties in the use of user data and information, unless it is used for certain technical

purposes. IT Development File | Last Update: 07 September 2022

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For some important features such as payment, delivery, and several others, Raja IT Operation Team cooperates with Third Parties in technical matters to expedite the

transaction process that occurs in the system.

G. Use of Cookies

Cookies are a standard technology on the internet to store small pieces of information on the user's device storage, especially browsers. Most web browsers automatically

accept cookies, unless the user himself does not give permission to access cookies through the technical configuration of the browser.

H. Other Terms

If necessary in certain cases, Raja IT Operation Team will make changes to this Privacy Policy. This change occurred because we followed changes in the laws that apply in

Indonesia. Hereby, Raja IT declares that it complies with the applicable business law regulations in Indonesia. If there is a request from the competent authority, which is

legally valid regarding Raja IT system and operation as well as user information, Raja IT is obliged to comply with it in accordance with applicable regulations

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